You are kindly invited to contact MCMC'2012 staff through e-mail at the following addresses:
  • NOC chair, Editor, IPC chair and conference secretariat;
  • Financial Manager;
  • general information, exhibition, social media.
CNR-ISSIA personnel will be available to support you.
  • Massimo Caccia: NOC Chair;
  • Gabriele Bruzzone: Editor;
  • Micaela Palestini: Financial Manager;
  • Lorella Becchi: Secretariat;
  • Ermenegildo Nitta: Secretariat;
  • Enrica Zereik: Secretariat;
  • Giorgio Bruzzone: Exhibition support;
  • Mauro Giacopelli: Exhibition support;
  • Andrea Ranieri: Exhibition support;
  • Edoardo Spirandelli: Exhibition support;
  • Marco Bibuli: Social media;
  • Fausto Ferreira: Social media.
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche